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At Waterloo Wireless, we strive to provide the best wireless internet service for the communities around us. We saw a need for reliable wireless internet services in rural areas where the large telecommunications companies did not have a presence, and built a network of towers to address this need.

In this day and age, everything can run on the internet, so having an internet connection that allows you to stream, communicate, call, and connect you to the world is of high importance. We’ve structured our network to cover more areas, provide more speed, and have more reliability for our customers.

Customer Service

We want our customers to have the best possible experience when you need help or have questions. Our support system is designed for you to have the ability to speak with one of our support staff members as quickly and as easily as possible. With our extended hours, social media presence, and online ticket system, it is easier than ever to get in touch with us to make sure you are taken care of effectively and efficiently.

Customer Portal

To provide our customers with more access to their account and to make account management easier, we now have an online portal. This allows our customers to access their account information, view connection statistics, and provide the ability to view and pay invoices with ease. The portal is accessible anywhere whether you’re on the web or using a mobile phone.

Business Solutions

Waterloo Wireless has structured a network to help growing businesses in need of a quality internet connection. Many industrial areas have access to little more than a slow DSL connection, barely adequate for running a business. We provide coverage that allows your business to get as much bandwidth as you require by customizing packages to meet your needs. We also offer redundancy and back-up connections to your existing internet provider to make sure you maximize your uptime, and not have to deal with the downtime.