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Waterloo Wireless was born to get households ready for whatever the future has in store for us.

In today’s consumer-driven market, we find ourselves entangled among technology that’s on a never-ending growth pattern. From the televisions we watch to the computers that have become such a necessity for most homes and businesses, technology has become a dominant part of our North American lifestyle.

  • Smart Wiring has become a necessity and a comfort in most homes.
  • Allow us to keep your home beautiful by hiding cables during the initial construction of your new home.
  • Use our “Smart Wire” to keep you ahead of the game. Being prepared for the future never looked so good!

The home and office electronics and automation market is growing phenomenally, offering new features and levels of comfort that were once only available to the affluent. These products and solutions have become widely available in recent years, making it more practical for the average homeowner to have them installed in their home.

Experience Matters

Our primary mission is to provide quality Information Technology & Security solutions. To that end, we work closely with each client to understand the unique challenges involved.

Our service is of the highest quality, featuring innovative solutions and ongoing research.

The Waterloo Wireless team of certified experts proudly offers outstanding consulting services.

Customer satisfaction is our mission. Understanding our customers’ business results in improved customer loyalty, a larger customer base with increased activity, a reduction in operating costs for our clients, and enhanced employee performance.

At Waterloo Wireless , our Customers are Priority One!