Modern email hosting plans are designed for businesses that cannot, or simply do not want to, spend their precious time and resources on setting up and managing an internal messaging infrastructure.

Benefits of Email Hosting

  • Adequate Storage Space. Get a robust amount of storage for each mailbox created. The space provides you with more than enough to efficiently store tens of thousands of messages. Our flexible solution will allow you to easily upgrade as your storage needs increase.
  •  Spam and Virus Filtering. A quality email hosting solution blocks potentially harmful mail before it even enters the network. Anti-virus scanners are usually integrated into the host’s SMTP gateways while spam is dealt with in numerous ways. We employ filtering methods such as blacklisting, whitelisting and grey listing, and allow you to make configurations that automatically sends it to a quarantine folder instead of your inbox.
  • Secure Webmail Access. We equip our mail servers with industry standard encryption, which is active during the entire webmail session. This essentially means that any data sent to and from the server is encrypted from the moment you sign in, until the moment you sign out. With this proven security protocol, you can ensure that your sensitive messages will not be intercepted or compromised in any way.