As office space needs change, so does your office space layout and setup. Our technicians are able to install, terminate and connect any type of cable you may require for your growing business – network, fibre, coaxial, security or A/V. We’ve got you covered

Professional cabling is the installation of structured cabling for IT and telephone systems in business environments. The service can be used within a single office that has a small number of network points, all the way up to cabling entire buildings, and include the installation of CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A and multimode Fibre Optic Cable.

Benefits of professional cabling

  • Efficiency. With professional cabling, you can rest assured knowing the proper cable type will be selected based on the speed and environment requirements.
  • Aesthetics. In a basic wired network, tangled wires and cables run from computers to other network devices like switches and routers. A structured data cabling strategy explores where the cabling is needed and neatly organizes the cables between the network devices. This high-level of organization in the cabling leads to simpler installations and troubleshooting.