In today’s modern world, businesses of all sizes heavily depend on the internet to keep their businesses on the move. Reliable network connectivity is an important facet of business continuity, making downtime a detriment companies cannot afford to have.
Benefits of having an LTE Backup

  • Uninterrupted Access. When your primary connection fails, your router can seamlessly switch over to a 4G LTE cellular connection, keeping you up-and-running.
  • Extremely reliable. Wired internet connections through landlines are vulnerable to disruptions from a variety of factors related to physical damage to a local loop cables caused by weather, traffic accidents, constructions. There can be equipment failure of the local loop switches and circuitry. LTE avoids these hazards and ensures reliable service no matter what is happening around your city.
  • Route Diversity. Having both wired and LTE internet means you have diverse routes to the internet. You are no longer bound to one company and their routes.
  • Peace of Mind. Peace of mind is a prime reason that encourages companies to install backup internet. You will not have to be burdened by the prospect of missing important business opportunities. The main goal is to experience minimal data loss and get back to serving your customers.