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Waterloo Wireless – Serving you with speed, quality and reliability since 2005

Waterloo Wireless is your gateway to connectivity and speed. Originally a part of Megawire Inc. (celebrating over 20 successful years in business), we have a history of delivering custom internet solutions for your personal or professional needs. Waterloo Wireless is a leading internet service provider in southwestern Ontario, providing rural communities and businesses with high-speed internet services since 2005. Prior to 2017, the wireless internet services were provided by Megawire Inc. and later transitioned to Waterloo Wireless before incorporating as Waterloo Wireless Inc. Regardless of name, we are still the same great team – with some new faces – that make us better than ever! We connect where service is lacking  and we make sure you are well taken care of, always!

We guarantee quality, reliability and security, all at amazingly affordable rates! Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and innovations is one of our key expertise areas, making us a trusted source for all your connectivity needs.

We offer a range of residential packages that offer you the speed and quality you need to entertain yourself or to handle work. Our corporate solutions also include secure and reliable connections to get the job done with peace of mind.

Most reliable wireless internet

We are continuously working behind the scenes to keep an eye on your unique configuration to minimize disruptions. We are also available to answer questions and solve problems – and that’s what makes our service unbeatable!

So…if you are looking for a reliable internet service to lay the foundation for a successful business or increase your business’s growth – or for enjoying good times with family and friends watching movies and shows or playing games – come to Waterloo Wireless for quality internet services!

Our internet is fast, reliable, and secure!

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