Join our WW+ Customer Program Today!

  • Hardware Protection
  • Accelerated On-Site Service
  • Bonus Savings and Deals


Enroll in WW+ today to enjoy these benefits:

  • Enhanced On-Site Service
  • No Cost on Antenna Servicing (lightning strikes, router/POE surges)
  • No Cost Satellite Arm Protection (from crumbling bricks; satellite arm relocation once a year if required)
  • 30% Reduced Fees for Account Holds
  • Bonus Payments for New Customer Referrals: $100 vs. current monthly fee equivalent to maximum of $70 (Maximum $100 credit per year)
  • 15% Off Tripods and Pop-up Poles
  • 10% Off Megawire Services (cabling, security camera setup)


Cost: $9.99/month – or – $99/year