Home Theatre

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Turn down the lights, grab a bowl of the finest popcorn—don’t forget the drinks—and get ready for an evening of fun. Time to kick back and relax, put your feet up and watch your favourite new movie. From the comfort of your den, living room, family room or basement, enjoy the pleasure of some big screen action, adventure and/or romance. Make your living space into a fun-filled night that you won’t soon forget. Invite your friends and family over for privacy and comfort with your big screen home theatre experience.

Megawire brings the knowledge and excitement that you are looking for to make any living space come to life. We bring fresh and new ideas along with great new innovative products to enhance any space of your home to accommodate a homey, private viewing area. Replicate cinema action by bringing the experience of the big screen into your home!

Turn on your favourite movies with a click of a button. Dim the lights without having to get up. Turn on that adventure movie without having to get up and load it in your DVD player. Waterloo Wireless can customize any solution to bring you the home theatre experience you’ve always wanted.